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All of the potent power of the world's number one bodybuilding multi, in convenient, great-tasting powder!Since August 8, 1983, Animal Pak has been helping competitive bodybuilders get the most out of their freakish training routines by providing all the nutrition they need, plus some they didn't know they needed. For 30+ years, people like you have made Animal Pak the #1 selling training "pack" in the world. In fact, more competitive bodybuilders have cut their teeth on the Animal Pak than any other bodybuilding supplement in history. Why? Simple. Animal Pak gets the job done. It works. First time. Every time. Animal Pak has stood the test of time and it will work for you.
Container Size: 388gServing Size: 2 scoops (17.6g)Servings Per Container: 22Amount Per Serving:Total Calories: 24Protein: 3gTotal Carbohydrates: 3g-Sugars: 0g-Dietary Fibre: 3gFat: 0g-Saturates: 0gVitamin A (As Carotenoids [β-Carotene, α-Carotene], Acetate): 9.900 IUVitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid, Ascorbyl Palmitate): 1 gVitamin D (as Cholecalciferol): 680 IUVitamin E (as d-α, d-β, d-γ, d-Δ tocopherols & tocotrienols): 300 IUThiamin (as mononitrate): 76 mgRiboflavin: 76 mgNiacin (as niacinamide): 82 mgVitamin B6 (as pyridoxine AKG, pyridoxine HCl): 180 mgFolic Acid: 400 mcgVitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin, methylcobalamin): 50 mcgBiotin : 300 mcgPantothenic Acid: 76 mgCalcium: 170 mgPhosphorus: 30 mgIodine (as potassium iodide): 150 mcgMagnesium (as oxide): 400 mgZinc (as oxide): 30 mgSelenium (as sodium selenite): 50 mcgCopper (as sulfate): 600 mcgManganese (as sulfate): 5 mgChromium (as chloride): 60 mcgPotassium (as sulfate): 250 mgPerformance Complex:Uni-Pro Blend: 3. 270mgCarnitine: 25 mgCholine Bitartrate: 250 mgInositol: 125 mgPara-Aminobenzoic Acid: 400 mgPyridoxine α−Ketoglutarate: 210 mgAntioxidant Complex:Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA): 100 mgCoenzyme Q10 (CoQ10): 5 mgGrapeseed Extract: 50 mgLutein: 1 mgLycopene: 1 mgPine Bark Extract: 200 mgKelp (whole plant): 10 mgDigestive Enzyme Complex:Bromelain: 100 mgInulin: 250 mgLipase: 10 mgPapain: 64 mgAcid Protease: 64 mgIngredients:Natural & artificial orange and vanilla flavors, citric acid, arginine alpha-ketoglutarate, malic acid, calcium carbonate, silicon dioxide, sucralose, acesulfame potassium, carnitine fumarate, calcium citrate, yellow #5, lecithin, yellow #6Please Note: Nutritional facts and ingredients may vary slightly between flavours.

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