Megahome Water Residue Cleaner For Water Distillers 500g

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Megahome Water Residue Cleaner For Water Distillers 500g
Water Distiller Cleaning Crystals

The Deluxe Water Distiller and Professional Water Distiller both come with a 250g bottle of cleaning crystals. This is a larger 500g bottle to use when your existing one runs out to keep your home water distiller performing at its best.

Why you need Water Distiller Cleaning Crystals:

Clean all residue left over from the distillation process

Keep your Water Distiller in the best condition possible

Ensure your home Water Distiller keeps producing 99.99% pure water

Large 500g size means your Water Distiller Cleaning Crystals will last much longer

How often should you clean your water distiller?

You should clean your distiller after each distillation with a non-stick, non-scratch cleaner sponge and use the cleaning crystals every 1-2 weeks to get rid of the scale. You will need to clean your distiller more often if you live in a hard water area (you can check it here). A big scale build-up will stop your distiller heating the water properly and can cause a damage to your distiller - keep it clean.

What is the residue cleaner used for?

It effectively removes stubborn residue left after water distillation and can be used for other household scaling problems, e.g. kettle.

That are the ingredients?

The water distiller cleaning crystals are made mainly of citric acid monohydrate which is found in all plants, especially in limes and lemons.

How long does it last?

It depends how often you clean the water distiller. We recommend using 2 tablespoons per clean.


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