Pharma Nord Bio-Carotene 150 Caps

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Delivers real therapeutic benefit
Supported by scientific evidence in more than 90 clinical studies
9 mg of Beta Carotene per capsule (equivalent to 4 large carrots)
Each capsule contains the vitamin A equivalent of 1500 mcg (approx. 188% of the RDA)
Designed to withstand stomach acidity in order to ensure optimum absorption in the small intestine
Trusted by customers, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, practitioners and health stores for over 30 years
Gluten Free / Lactose Free / Yeast Free / Sugar Free
Absorbable supplements that are delivered to the site of activity (bioavailability)
Beta carotene (β-Carotene) is an antioxidant that is converted by the body into vitamin A (retinol). Vitamin A is essential in maintaining health, and when taken as supplements can lower risks of disease. Carotenoids also maintain normal skin, vision, immune functioning, and mucous membranes.

Bio-Carotene contains 9mg of Beta Carotene per capsule in an easily digestible and stable form. Manufactured in an oil matrix to keep it stable and to ensure good bioavailability. Studies document that Beta Carotene supplement form has better bioavailability than when you get it from vegetables.

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