Piperinox Activates Weight Reduction 30 Caps

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Piperinox Activates Weight Reduction 30 Caps
Activates weight reduction and its maintenance
Makes the metabolism of fats and carbs more effective
Supports digestion and liver cleansing functions
Perfectly absorbed thanks to DRcaps™ capsules
Who is Piperinox for?

Piperinox is a food supplement for people who want to activate the reduction of fatty tissue and maintain their proper weight. The ingredients contained in it effectively accelerate metabolism and increase the expenditure of energy, which makes weight reduction more effective than just a diet and exercise.

Thanks to the use of DRcaps™ capsules, the supplement's ingredients do not degrade in gastric acids and are absorbed directly into the intestines. The patented form of BioPerine® piperine used in the supplement guarantees the highest effectiveness.

What does Piperinox contain?

BioPerine® [95% Piperine]
Patented form of Black Pepper Extract, which contains as much as 95% Piperine. Piperine is an alkaloid that increases the body's energy expenditure, reduces the appetite, enhances the breakdown of fatty tissue and limits its accumulation. In addition, it increases the absorption of nutrients from food and accelerates muscle regeneration after exercise.

Guarana Seed Extract [22% Caffeine]
An ingredient used in South American traditional medicine for hundreds of years. It is attributed with properties supporting weight control and accelerating the metabolism of fats. Additionally, the caffeine contained in guarana increases efficiency, improves concentration and affects mental performance.

Cinnamon Bark Extract
It affects weight control and improves digestive comfort. In addition, it also helps maintain proper blood sugar levels, which can lead to a reduction in snacking and sudden hunger attacks.

Bitter Orange Fruit Extract [6% Synephrine]
The synephrine contained in the extract is an extremely effective thermogenic agent helping to activate body weight reduction. Bitter orange is also attributed with properties improving lipid and carbohydrate metabolism.

Ginger Rhiozomes Extract [5% Gingerols]
It supports the maintenance of the correct blood sugar level and supports carbohydrate metabolism. Gingerols contained in the extract are an extremely powerful antioxidant that supports the functioning of the heart, lowers LDL lipoprotein levels and stimulates HDL.

Cayenne Pepper Fruit Extract [2% Capsaicin]
Capsaicin contained in the extract is known for its thermogenic properties. It also has properties that help maintain weight and increase the oxidation of carbohydrates.

An element that takes part in the proper metabolism of nutrients and helps to maintain proper blood sugar levels.

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