AK-47 Labs BCAA 300g Choose Flavour

Flavour: Blue Raspberry
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AK-47 Labs BCAA 300g Choose Flavour
Start supplementing with AK-47 BCAA and feel the power of high quality BCAA?s! When it comes to effect, we are not joking around. AK-47 BCAA provides a hefty dose of BCAA?s at 7,5g per serving in a perfect 2:1:1 BCAA ratio. Our products will make you lift heavier, run faster and also look better naked :p
INCREASE NET GAINS AND BOOST PERFORMANCE : BCAAs are highly effective at preventing muscle breakdown during a cutting or weight loss phase. Studies show that BCAAs are also effective for athletes and bodybuilders during a mass or bulking phase
Muscle support and fatigue reduction easy-to-mix formula that provides a delicious and refreshing supplement drink ideal for heavy-duty workouts
7.5g of BCAAs Per Serving - With added Electrolytes
All essential amino acids in an optimal dosage
Manufactured in EU at a GMP Facility

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