Cappuccino MCT Delicious Slimming Coffee 30 Servings

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Cappuccino MCT Delicious Slimming Coffee 30 Servings
Stimulates fat reduction
Helps control body weight
Improves concentration
Contains natural coffee
Who is Cappuccino MCT for?
Cappuccino MCT is a food supplement supporting weight loss in the form of a delicious cappuccino. The product contains natural soluble coffee of the robust and Arabica varieties enriched with MCT oil and plant extracts, which effectively support fat tissue reduction. Its advantages will be appreciated by all those who are looking for an alternative to slimming capsules and do not want to give up the effectiveness of use.
Cappuccino MCT is also ideal for people on a ketogenic diet. Thanks to the MCT oil contained in the product you can take advantage of the advantages of so called bulletproof coffee, which accelerates the burning of calories on a low-carbohydrate diet, adds energy and provides a feeling of satiety for long hours.
What does Cappuccino MCT contain?

Brown Seaweed Extract and Grape Seed Extract – ID-alG™
The component is extremely rich in long-chain polyphenols called florotannins, which inhibit the activity of two major digestive enzymes. Studies have shown that they inhibit lipase activity by 63% and amylase activity by 77%. The results of the study also indicated a beneficial effect of ID-alG™ use in overweight women. Researchers noted that its use reduces fat absorption, thus reducing fat mass. It was also shown that weight loss is closely related to the reduction of body fat and focuses on the loss of abdominal and visceral fat, which can visibly improve the figure after only 8 weeks of use.

MCT Oil Powder
Ingredient containing saturated fatty acids in the form of medium chain triglycerides. It has a beneficial effect on supporting the weight loss process, as it is an excellent source of energy for muscles, is quickly absorbed and prevents muscle tissue degradation. In combination with coffee, it creates the so-called bulletproof coffee, which provides a feeling of satiety for a long time, adds energy to the action and can successfully replace one meal a day.

Instant Coffee Powder from Arabian Coffee and Robusta Coffee
Natural instant coffee made from beans of two varieties. Guarantees a delicious taste of Cappuccino MCT and a source of caffeine that improves concentration. In addition, caffeine also has properties that reduce fatigue during exercise and improve physical performance.

Low-calorie polysaccharide acting as a prebiotic supporting the development of beneficial intestinal bacterial flora. The use of inulin may curb your appetite and provide a feeling of satiety, which leads to consuming less calories during the day.

Guarana Seed Extract [22% Caffeine]
A natural source of caffeine and an ingredient highly valued in traditional South American medicine. It accelerates fat metabolism and reduces fat reserves. It is attributed with appetite suppression and fatigue reduction properties.

Green Coffee Bean Extract [50% CGA]
Green coffee beans are richer in active ingredients compared to their brown counterpart due to the omission of the roasting process. The chlorogenic acid contained in them can lead to reduced sugar absorption by slowing down the secretion of glucose after a meal.

Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract [60% HCA]
Garcinia cambogia, also sometimes called the Malabar tamarind, is a tropical plant with weight loss support properties. HCA, or hydroxycitric acid contained in the fruit of Garcinia cambogia, is an inhibitor of ATP-cytrate lyase, which takes part in the synthesis of fatty acids. This means that HCA inhibits the process of fat formation and its accumulation in the body.
It contributes to maintaining proper blood glucose levels, which may result in reduced snacking between meals and suppressing the appetite for sweets. It takes part in the correct metabolism of macro nutrients.

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