Feel Supreme Mushroom Bundle Unleash The Fungal Power

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Feel Supreme Mushroom Bundle Unleash The Fungal Power

Dive into the world of wellness with our specially curated and award-winning Mushroom Bundle. This bundle brings together our expertly crafted Lion's Mane, Cordyceps, and Mushroom Blend in one convenient and cost-effective package.

Our Lion's Mane, a beautiful nootropic mushroom, is perfect for neurogenesis and mental performance. It has an extraordinary ability to stimulate the production of nerve growth factor (NGF), earning it the Best Supplement Award.

Cordyceps, a unique fungus, offers a plethora of benefits including improved stamina, endurance, and respiratory function. It increases cellular oxygen absorption by up to 40%, promotes faster energy recovery, reduces fatigue, improves physical function, and provides more stamina.

Our Mushroom Blend, in addition to its primary immune-boosting properties, supports a wide range of health aspects. From cognitive function, mental well-being, and energy levels, to healthy digestion, lower levels of inflammation, protection from oxidative stress, and general wellness, this blend is a powerhouse of nutrients.


Lions Mane:
Organic Lion's Mane extract (10:1) – equivalent to 15,000mg
Organic Cane Alcohol
Purified Water

Cordyceps Militaris 10:1 extract – 500mg (equivalent to 5g per capsule)

Mushroom Blend:
Organic Shiitake Mushroom
Organic Chaga Mushroom
Organic Maitake Mushroom
Organic Acerola Fruit
Organic Reishi Mushroom
Organic Astragalus Root
Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom
Organic Black Pepper

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