FollicleFuel Restore Your Hair 60 Capsules

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FollicleFuel Restore Your Hair 60 Capsules

With FollicleFuel thicker, fuller, healthier hair is possible thanks to a powerful blend of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

Thicker Follicles

All Natural

Repair Damage

FollicleFuel contains clinically researched, all-natural ingredients that have been studied extensively for potential benefits in promoting healthy hair.*

Selenium helps in proper functioning of hormones, which is necessary for healthy hair growth.*

Marine Collagen
Collagen promotes hair hydration and scalp elasticity.*

Biotin helps stimulate keratin production, one of the building blocks of hair follicles.*

Zinc deficiencies have been linked to hair loss.*

Iodine (found in Kelp) supports thyroid hormones, which are needed for healthy hair.*

Vitamin C
Vitamin C plays an essential role in the body’s absorption of iron.*


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