Higher Nature Ashwagandha and Rhodiola Complex

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For busy and hectic lifestyles
Unique blend of Ayurvedic favourites, ashwagandha and holy basil with the added benefits of rhodiola
400mg per capsule of KSM 66 ® Ashwagandha root extract for full-spectrum complex of active ingredients
Well-researched and extracted using 'green chemistry' - no solvents or alcohol
100mg Holy basil and 80mg Rhodiola rosea per capsule
With vitamin C and B5 to support the nervous system and psychological function
One-a-day vegan capsule for ease
For adults and children over 16 years. Perfect partnered with Balance For Nerves, one for dealing with what the day throws at you, the other for sustained long-term support.

Adults and children over 16 years take 1 capsule daily with food.

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