Higher Nature Collagen Tablets

Tablets : 180
Sale price£32.95


Hydrolysed marine collagen - contains peptides and free amino acids
Highly digestible and absorbable for superior action - Type I and III
Supports youthful looking skin -with vitamin C needed for collagen formation
Vitamin C and copper help protect cells from oxidative stress
Includes calcium for healthy bones and copper for connective tissue
Responsibly sourced

We use an environmentally friendly form of marine collagen. Our collagen is derived from the skin of sustainably sourced, freshwater fish which would otherwise be discarded thus reducing the environmental impact. Flexible dosing for differing needs. Ideal support from 6 tablets daily but can be taken anywhere from 2-10. One tablet equals one gram – easy to choose your dose. Fuss free way of taking collagen for those who prefer tablets to drinkable collagen. Provides collagen with the nutrients needed for activation in the body.

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