Higher Nature Gentle Iron Complex

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Well tolerated & easily absorbed
Iron bisglycinate
Chelate form
Well absorbed and tolerated
Preferred form of iron for less constipation and maximum absorption
Added natural vitamin C from acerola fruit needed for iron absorption in the gut
Copper is necessary for normal iron metabolism and red blood cell formation Added B2
Vitamin B2 deficiency may impair iron absorption and metabolism
Small capsule size makes it easy to swallow
Best taken on an empty stomach to maximise absorption

Great for pre-menopausal women especially if they have heavy periods. Suitable for pregnancy and breast-feeding. Also suitable for men, especially if vegetarian or vegan. Can also be taken by children over 12 years, but especially girls as they hit puberty. Perfect for vegetarians and vegans who may have low dietary intake. Good for those who do lots of endurance exercise.

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