Hourglass Fit Female Fat Burners By Roar Ambition 120 Capsules

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Hourglass Fit Female Fat Burners By Roar Ambition 120 Capsules

Sadly, female focused fat burners are in short supply, which is why we created Hourglass Fit. Every ingredient in the formula is tailored for women’s physiques and they combine to deliver natural results.


If you’ve tried men’s fat burners but aren’t seeing results, then it’s time to switch. Hourglass Fit is one of the only female-focused fat burners on the market. It’s been scientifically formulated from the ground up to meet the fitness aims of all women.

Tailored for female biology
All-natural ingredients
Trusted by professional athletes
Safe and scientifcally backed


Vitamin B6 helps to keep your body in optimum working order

Glucomannan fills your stomach and stops cravings in their tracks

We’ve included Capsimax®, our potent cayenne pepper extract


Vitamin B6
To maintain your overall mental and physical wellbeing1, we include 4mg of Vitamin B6 with every serving of Hourglass Fit. That’s twice your recommended daily allowance.

Hourglass Fit contains a generous 1500mg of Glucomannan in every serving. Less snacking means less calories absorbed and a healthier and fitter you2.

If you want to speed up your metabolism, you’re going to need to bring the heat3. Capsimax® is our proprietary technology, a new way to use cayenne pepper extract. You won’t find it anywhere else.

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