Nutrigo Lab Burner 60 Capsules

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Nutrigo Lab Burner 60 Capsules
Stimulates fat reduction
Inhibits the synthesis of fats
Supports the metabolism
Supports weight control
Who is Nutrigo Lab Burner for?
Nutrigo Lab is a line of products for professional athletes. Nutrigo Lab Burner is a caffeine-free fat burner so it can be used in parallel with pre-training supplements. Its unique composition effectively supports the reduction of fat reserves and supports fat and carbohydrate metabolism. This product is especially recommended for people who want to emphasize the visibility of muscles and reduce the percentage of fat tissue in their body weight.

What does Nutrigo Lab Burner contain?

Sinetrol® Xpur
A patented citrus and guarana extract containing 20% flavones. Lipolysis is a catabolic process leading to the breakdown of triglycerides stored in fat cells (adipocytes), releasing free fatty acids and glycerol. Sinetrol® works on the principle of the Fat Shredding Technology® mechanism and facilitates lipolysis by inhibiting phosphodiesterase, an enzyme which catalyzes the cyclic hydrolysis of adenosine monophosphate (cAMP). Higher levels of cAMP lead to an increase in the rate of triglyceride breakdown. Studies in humans have confirmed the action of Sinetrol® and have shown that can help you lose up to 9.2 kg in 12 weeks.

Malabar tamarind (garcinia cambogia) extract containing 50% hydroxycitric acid. It contributes to appetite reduction and sudden hunger attacks and helps you control your weight. Hydroxycitric acid contained in the fruit of garcinia cambogia inhibits the process of fat synthesis and its storage.

Raspberry Fruit Extract [50% Raspberry Ketones]
Raspberries contain about 200 molecules responsible for their taste and smell, one of them being raspberry ketones. Scientists in preliminary studies have noted their beneficial effect on weight reduction. They believe that raspberry ketones can help to reduce visceral fat accumulation and accelerate lipid breakdown.

Curcuma Longa Rhizomes Extract [90% Curcuminoids]
Curcuma longa is a plant of Indian origin also known as turmeric. It has a number of health benefits. It supports fat metabolism and improves digestion. It prevents the accumulation of fat in the liver and contributes to its removal. In addition, it contributes to the reduction of inflammation and supports the maintenance of healthy joints and bones.

Patented black pepper fruit extract containing 95% piperine. Contributes to weight control and supports liver function by improving blood circulation through tiny capillary vessels. In addition, it has properties supporting bioavailability and absorption of active ingredients of the supplement and vitamins and minerals from food.

It helps maintain proper blood sugar levels, which can reduce snacking between meals and sudden hunger attacks. It contributes to maintaining the proper metabolism of macro nutrients.

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