NuviaLab Relax 60 Caps

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NuviaLab Relax 60 Caps
It facilitates relaxation and maintenance of well-being
Supports calmness in stressful situations
Supports brain function and cognitive abilities
Speeds up falling asleep and improves the quality of sleep
Who is NuviaLab Relax for?
Today's everyday life is full of many challenges, which put the body in a state of increased tension. Stress and increased levels of cortisol can cause many unpleasant symptoms, such as: excessive sweating, faster heartbeat, problems with concentration or irritability. Chronic stress can lead to many health problems, including insomnia, peptic ulcer disease, cardiovascular disease and migraines. This is why it is so important to effectively maintain emotional balance and positive well-being.

NuviaLab Relax is an advanced food supplement, the benefits of which will be appreciated by all people exposed to everyday stress and experiencing increased emotional tension. It contains a unique complex of ingredients that help you relax and stay calm during stressful situations. The composition of the product comprehensively supports the nervous system, supports brain function and cognitive abilities. This helps you to better perform everyday tasks without the negative effects of stress on concentration and performance. In addition, it also improves the quality of sleep and makes it easier to fall asleep, thus supporting effective rest during the night.

What does NuviaLab Relax contain?

A standardized blend of the highest quality extracts, in which you can find: extracts from valerian root, lemon balm leaves, passion flower and hop cones. The synergic effect of the active ingredients helps to achieve a state of relaxation, induces a feeling of calmness and supports the maintenance of good mood during the day. But that's not all, the active ingredients in this unique blend also make it easier to fall asleep and contribute to an improved quality of sleep, which is extremely important for maintaining proper physical health and emotional balance. Clinical studies indicate that the use of Calmomix® resulted in noticeable and clinically significant benefits over placebo in three of the four areas of mental well-being tested using the VAS test.

Golden root extract containing 5% rosavins and 1.8% salidrosides. It helps maintain calmness and has an adaptogenic effect in situations of mental and physical stress. In addition, it also supports cognitive abilities and improves brain function, allowing you to demand even more from yourself and achieve the most ambitious plans without compromising your mood and well-being. Rhodiolife® stimulates the central nervous system with an intensity comparable to caffeine, but without the negative side effects. It provides a steady dose of energy that lasts for more than five hours and does not cause nausea, anxiety, or the "jittery" feeling that comes with high doses of caffeine.

Vitamin & Mineral Complex
The highest quality complex of vitamins and minerals essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system. It contains: natural Aquamin™ Mg magnesium obtained from sea water, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, folic acid, vitamin B12 and pantothenic acid. These substances help in the proper functioning of the nervous system and maintenance of normal psychological functions. Additionally, they also contribute to decreasing feelings of tiredness and fatigue.

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