Profolan 60 Caps Stimulate Healthy Hair Growth

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Profolan 60 Caps Stimulate Healthy Hair Growth
Strengthens the hair
Stimulates hair growth
Helps to maintain natural hair color
Contains the Grow3 formula
Who is Profolan for?
Profolan is a food supplement intended for men who want to naturally strengthen their hair and its color. It owes its properties thanks to a unique composition of active ingredients and the Grow3 formula, which stimulates hair growth, counteracts the weakening of the hair follicles and improves the blood supply to the scalp.

Profolan is a recognized food supplement on the market, whose properties have already been tested by thousands of men around the world. Join them now, find out about the power of Profolan's active ingredients and increase your hair's volume!

What does Profolan contain?

Horsetail Herb Extract [7% Silica]
An ingredient that has been used in natural medicine for centuries and is crucial in the fight for healthy hair. It is an easily absorbable source of silica, which improves the condition of your har, reduces hair loss and accelerates growth. Additionally, silica also has anti-inflammatory properties and contributes to slowing down the aging process.

Nettle Leaf Extract [4% Polyphenols]
This plant is extremely rich in nutrients for the hair, skin and nails from the inside. Nettle contains, among others, vitamin C, B2, K, B5 and tocopherol isomers and is a source of minerals such as: manganese, iron, copper, zinc, selenium, magnesium, calcium and silicon.

Vitamin E
The main antioxidant found in cells and protecting them from oxidative stress. Its deficiencies lead to hair loss, fatigue, anemia and infertility.

A mineral that is extremely important for the proper functioning of every man's body. It takes part, among others, in the creation of keratin and the metabolism of amino acids - substances necessary for creating new hair.

This ingredient is also known as vitamin B1. It is one of the vitamins that are essential for the health of the body and is crucial for your well-being. Its deficiencies lead to problems with concentration, chronic fatigue and weak potency.

One of the most important vitamins supporting hair and nail health. It acts as a catalyst for carboxylation processes in the body, and its deficiencies can lead to significant hair loss.

It takes part in the process of creating melanin, a natural pigment found in hair. Copper supplementation helps to maintain the natural color of the hair and can counteract its weakening.

Vitamin A
This vitamin necessary to keep the hair, skin and nails healthy. Its deficiencies can lead to hair loss and increased brittleness, vision disorders, as well as increased susceptibility to infections.

Vitamin B6
The key to many processes taking place in the body. Contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity, participates in the metabolism of homocysteine, proteins and glycogen and has and impacts the reduction of fatigue.

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