Silvets Weight Management 60 Caps

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Silvets Weight Management 60 Caps
Supports weight control
Supports the metabolism
Helps reduce your appetite
Supports weight maintenance after weight loss
Who is Silvets for?
Silvets is a food supplement, which has taken the hearts of fitness lovers by storm. Its formula contains the most popular ingredients supporting the reduction of excess weight and fat tissue. It is a product especially recommended to people looking for a solution that combines many active ingredients. In Silvets you will find as many as 8 of them, and each of them effectively supports a different aspect of taking care of your proper weight.

What does Silvets contain?

Acai Berry Extract
The ingredient is appreciated worldwide for its antioxidant properties. Acai berries influence the regulation of cholesterol and blood glucose levels, and thanks to their high fiber content they provide a feeling of satiety and reduce the number of calories consumed.

Guarana Seed Extract
Guarana is an ingredient from the tropical Amazon forests. It helps maintain proper body weight and supports fat metabolism. In addition, it also has an effect that increases alertness and maintains physical and mental vitality.

Green Tea Extract
Green tea effectively stimulates lipid degradation and supports weight control. It helps to reduce the appetite, which can contribute to reducing the amount of calories consumed. It is attributed with metabolism supporting properties.

Cayenne Pepper Extract
It is extremely rich in capsaicin, an ingredient that shows thermogenic effects and supports weight maintenance after weight loss. It contributes to the oxidation of carbohydrates.

An ingredient which plays an extremely important role in the body due to its participation in carbohydrate metabolism and lipid metabolism. The supplementation of l-carnitine is particularly important in a diet that is low in animal products, as its main source is meat.

Black Pepper Extract
Supports the absorption of nutrients from food and other ingredients of the supplement. Additionally, it also supports liver function by supporting circulation through tiny blood vessels.

Vitamin D
Vitamin responsible for maintaining proper muscle function. Additionally, it also affects the maintenance of proper immunity and bone health.

An ingredient involved in the correct metabolism of macro nutrients. It contributes to stabilizing blood glucose levels, which can reduce appetite and cravings for snacks.

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