Water Distiller Carbon Charcoal Filter Sachets

Size: 6 Sachets
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Water Distiller Carbon Charcoal Filter Sachets
Our boxes of filter sachets are available in quantities of six and twelve. Generally you should change the filters about once a month, so this is enough to last around twelve months.

Water distillers can allow a very small percentage of impurities (VOCs), which boil at temperatures below or very close to water. The charcoal filters remove Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which are so light that they go through the distillation process. They can affect the flavour of water, giving it a nasty taste, so it's best to get rid of them.

Easy to install and replace, just fold the filter in half and place it in the nozzle. To replace, gently squeeze both sides of the nozzle and pull it down and towards you to remove, then replace the sachet.

Remove odors and makes your water tastes fresh and clean
Water will be tastier if two sachets are used at a time
You can repurpose used distilled water filters (sachets) in shoes cabinet or refrigerator to dispose of the smell
Soak new activated charcoal sachet in water to remove black dust. The black activated charcoal dust is harmless

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